IMPRESSION of the Chateau

Group Retreat? Let the Location Work its Magic

Do you have an idea for a workshop or training and appreciate it when the location plays an active role? On the estate of Château de Bussolles, there’s an opportunity to design a personalized program for a group retreat. Besides being an exquisite vacation spot for groups of up to 26 people, the castle, along with the cottages, can serve as an inspiring environment for a retreat focused on personal growth, team-building, or wellness. There are numerous ways we can assist and make your experience seamless:


Customized Retreats

Château de Bussolles offers the possibility to organize customized retreats tailored to the specific needs and interests of a group. Whether it’s a team-building retreat for a company, a spiritual retreat for individuals, or a wellness retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation, the estate can provide a perfect setting.


Inspiring Environment

The castle and the surrounding nature offer an atmosphere of tranquility and beauty, creating the perfect setting for a retreat. The serene surroundings help participants disconnect from daily hassles and focus on their personal growth and development.


Facilities for Retreat Activities

Château de Bussolles has various facilities that can be utilized for retreat activities, including workshops, conference halls, and outdoor spaces for team-building activities. This allows groups to create a diverse and profound program tailored to their goals and interests.


Guidance and Support

Your hosts, Hans and Jacqueline, can also offer guidance and support in organizing your retreat if desired. Whether it’s arranging workshops, providing part of the coaching, or catering meals to accommodate specific dietary needs, the Château de Bussolles team is ready to assist you.


Connection and Camaraderie

A stay at Château de Bussolles can strengthen bonds between participants and foster a sense of camaraderie. The shared experience of a retreat in such a beautiful environment can leave deep and lasting memories with the participants.


We’re Curious

Have you previously experienced a retreat where the location and the team played a significant role? What stands out to you the most from that experience?