IMPRESSION of the Chateau

Let the Breathtaking Location Be Your Guide

Completely tailor-made: how does that sound? A stay at Château de Bussolles offers the opportunity to create a personalized retreat experience. While many people associate vacations with relaxation and fun, the castle, including the cottages, provides the ideal setting for an enriching retreat with a group of up to 26 people. Consider, for example:


Personalized Retreat Programs

We offer the possibility to organize tailor-made retreat programs tailored to the needs and interests of the group. Whether it’s creative workshops, team-building activities, or personal development sessions, the spacious and tranquil environment of Château de Bussolles provides the perfect ambiance for a meaningful retreat experience.


Private Chef and Catering

For a truly carefree stay, guests can take advantage of our team’s catering services. This allows you to enjoy delicious meals prepared with local ingredients and tailored to the specific dietary needs of the group. Dining together in the authentic dining room of the castle or outdoors contributes to a unique and intimate retreat experience.


Inspiring Environment

The majestic castle and the beautiful surroundings provide an inspiring setting for in-depth conversations, reflection, and group activities. The serene nature, charming views, and breathtaking landscapes create an ambiance conducive to creativity and personal growth.


Personal Guidance

The castle offers the option to hire professional guides who can assist in organizing retreat sessions and workshops. These experts can add value by sharing their knowledge and experience, guiding the group in achieving their personal goals during the retreat.


Group Activities and Relaxation

In addition to the retreat experience, guests can also enjoy various group activities and relaxation options in and around the castle. Think of nature walks, swimming in the pool, cozy evenings under the magnificent starry sky, chopping wood for a crackling fire, or exploring nearby villages and attractions.

In summary, there are many unique opportunities to spend an unforgettable and meaningful time with your group of up to 26 people in this enchanting environment.