IMPRESSION of the Chateau

Surprising Retreats

A unique and often overlooked aspect of staying at Château de Bussolles is the opportunity to organize a fully customized retreat program.

While most people think of renting a vacation and retreat castle for relaxation and fun with friends or family, Château de Bussolles also provides the ideal environment to create a retreat experience that is enriching, transformative, and fully tailored to the needs and interests of the group. Whether it’s creative workshops, team-building activities, or spiritual guidance, everything can be organized to enhance the retreat experience.

This is an overview of the surprising possibilities, naturally framed by the fantastic surroundings and its hospitable team.


For You and Your Friends – With Horses

Once inhabited by a horse lover, the château’s surroundings are fantastic for beautiful rides with your horse.

The good news: Everything is still professionally set up to accommodate a whole group along with your own horse. As this arrangement is tailored, we invite you to contact us regarding the possibilities.


For You and Your Friends – With Motorcycles

What could be more delightful than waking up in your own château in the morning for a week? Your motorcycle is safely stored inside, and you set off for a ride to the bakery. Then, plan a beautiful route through the stunning landscape for the day, knowing that your bed awaits you in the evening.

This arrangement is also tailored; contact us for the possibilities.

Culinary Delights

Space for a Celebration of Connection

The estate with the castle and cottages offers ample space for groups of up to 26 people to come together and experience connection. Enjoying meals together, undertaking activities, and sharing personal experiences can lead to strengthening profound and valuable connections.

If you are serious, have a great group of friends, and want to gather in a central place in France to celebrate life, feel warmly welcome to do so in your own château. There are plenty of opportunities to party without causing disturbance to the surroundings, with the right agreements with us.


Personal Development and Growth

Château de Bussolles not only offers a beautiful location to relax but also a peaceful and inspiring environment for personal development and growth. Hans and Jacqueline are not only your hosts; they also offer you individually or collectively a program to leave the hustle and bustle of daily life behind and focus on your well-being and self-development.


Connection with Nature

Château de Bussolles is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes. It provides the ideal setting to connect with nature and experience its healing power. Guests can enjoy walks in the woods, meditation sessions in the gardens, and moments of reflection by the nearby pond.


Culinary Delights

Another aspect that people often don’t consider in a retreat experience is culinary delight. The castle can provide catering with delicious local dishes that stimulate the senses and contribute to a sense of well-being.


Anything Forgotten?

Perhaps it’s a bit overwhelming, or maybe you have an even better idea. We are here to assist with any questions that may arise after reading the above.